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Starling Silk Mills

The background, in nut shell, of our company at a glance

The production unit of Starling Silk Mills Private Limited is situated in the district of Malda of West Bengal in India. The district Malda is well known as one of the Sericulture District in the country. The unit has built up; stage by stage, over long period adequate infrastructural facilities and gathered in hand experience generation after generation over more than 300 years. The unit has created a bond of faith, trust, reliance and quality in all the surrounding customers, related suppliers or farmers. In this network near about 6 lac sericulturists are involved, directly or indirectly.

We may humbly state that this is the only company which engaged in producing basic Raw Silk Cocoon (Pierced) for manufacturing of Spun Silk Yarn and its finished products are able to give a new height in the field of sericulture and even may focus on a new outlook of this Industry scenario.

As per record Starling Silk Mills Private Limited is incorporated on 23rd July 1996 but it can not be said the actual date of starting a family business. There must be some history, which should date back of few generations. It may be sincerely noted, without any pinch of exaggeration that Mr. Azizur Rahaman from his very boyhood, as part of his Sports and game involved in this production line, along with his forefather and other family member. Thus he has gathered vast and depth practical experience in sericulture and in each of various stages of processing silk.